Annika Hope is a Director at AB Digital, providing creative solutions for connecting businesses with their clients, to increase brand awareness, engagement, and convertible leads.

With a BA (Hons) in Creative Writing, Annika has a background firmly rooted in the written word. She has specialised in copywriting, web content management, and technical writing for twelve years, and has extensive experience in social media marketing and brand strategy.

Annika worked as Content and Media Marketing Manager for underground tech house brand ‘Más Vida’, managing all creative campaigns, promotions, and web content across a range of social media. She also works voluntarily on social media campaigns and content writing for the non-profit organisation Humanitarian Operations – a disaster relief agency dedicated to saving lives during humanitarian crises.

Living in Málaga for ten years, she speaks fluent Spanish and worked for several companies as web content manager and copywriter, including Antiss Investment Group, an investment company specialising in property and land, and 1Stop Money, a debt management and IVA brokerage.

During her time in Spain, Annika had the opportunity to work with Spanish ex-pat newspaper Euro Weekly News, where she quickly moved from proof-reader to advertorial writer, and contributed to the creation of a database system which allowed the advertising department to reach maximum efficiency in its advertising and client editorial schedule.

She also collaborated on the creation of the employment app JobMatch - aimed at both the Spanish and British markets. Devising the content for the app and desktop site in English and collaborating with the Spanish version's translation, she also created all promotional literature that was used for sponsorship and marketing the brand.

Annika also enjoyed an internship with colossal London advertising agency TBWA London, where she was able to explore the use of persuasive language in advertising and the immense power of great branding.

She is also an avid reader, eager sportsman, music enthusiast, and 3-time mother.